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Netscape does do font-family, font-size, and color
Check out your Netscape browser on this page. Netscape 4.6-7 does display these styles. (I don't know about previous versions and box properties and positions are a different matter.) If you don't see the styled text with your Netscape 4.6/7 make sure that you have not turned styles off. Go to Edit->Preferences->Advanced and make sure 'Enable style sheets' is checked. Also, for some reason, 'Enable Javascript' also has to be checked for style sheets to work.
Some other PHP examples
Here is an example of using PHP with a database to fill a form and use that form to update the database. The source is highly commented, click on "View the Source" under the title to view it. I have an example of using a text box, radio boxs, check boxs, a select menu box and a textarea box. The text boxes and textareas are much easier since the value returned from the form is the same data as you put in the value="" in the form field (or between the <textarea></textarea> tags) but how to do the radio, checkbox, and select are also shown.

Another thing that PHP can do is generate graphics on the fly. Here is an example (the music is just an extra) to demonstrate part of that. If you 'View->Source' after the above has loaded you will see the <img> tag points to olympics.php which is PHP code that generates the .gif file. The source for that is here. Your server has to have the GD library to execute image functions in PHP.
Doing calculations on forms
The question was asked at the 4/25/01 meeting about having a form update with calculations. A couple of simple examples to demonstrate the technique are provided, one using Javascript and one using PHP. The source for the Javascript example can be viewed by View->Source in your browser after the page has loaded. The source for the PHP example can be viewed here.
Defeating Internet Explorer's 'Friendly HTTP Error Pages'
At the 4/19/01 IUG meeting Jerry showed how IE's attempt to make web server error documents more "friendly", actually makes them much less friendly on sites that were built to appropriately handle errors. This page attempts to shows why and a couple of ways to fix it.
A question was submitted to the maillist some time ago about how to count the number of downloads of a file. Some possiblilities are presented here.
Smart Search and Replace
At the 3/28/01 meeting there was an a very brief discussion of doing search and replaces to remove font tags, etc. from HTML. It occurred to me later that the text editor that I use for hand coding HTML has this built in. Follow the link for more information.
Passing parameters in web page redirects
In the 2/30/01 meeting the question was asked if one could pass parameters while redirecting a file. This file demonstrates that you can pass parameters with a <meta http-equiv="Refresh" ...>
Web Font Readabilities
As per our discussion of what type of fonts are more readable on the web at the 1/24/01 meeting.
Password protected web pages
Outline for 12/27/00 Web-builder's SIG meeting- Please feel free to send me corrections, additions, and comments and I will post them

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