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Links mentioned in IUG meetings and maillists
(This is under construction, additions/corrections or better groupings welcome. Contact dave@vogelnet.com.)

2/19/02 Online Resources

1/23/02 DNS Discussion

We talked informally about how DNS worked. I copied down a couple of links mentioned, but can not now read my writing on some of it. Anyone with better notes or a better memory, please forward to me.

  • eNom.com - Domain Name Registar that allows people to manage their own DNS record

Also a couple of links provided to the maillist by Duane:

11/28/01 Cascading Style Sheets

10/25/01 Misc. discussion (again)

Some discussion about handling forms input
Matt Wright's Formmail and yform.cgi modification and various other of Matt's scripts. Also some other sources of scripts see Where to get scripts below.
Visit the Image Cafe for some layout ideas
(hmmm... seems like a dead link)
Some discussion about eBooks
Free software for reading eBooks. Read the classics free online at the Gutenberg project.
Some discussion about alternate ways of entering text into the computer
Talk to your computer with Viavoice or use your scanner and optical character readers: Omnipage, Textbridge

10/17/01 IUG Meeting - Web Searching Techniques

Lots of information and links from Berkley
Finding Information on the Internet
Monroe County Library System
LIBRA - Library Information Bridge for the Rochester Area
Our Favorites:
Yahoo, Google, and Alta Vista
Some Yahoo speciality search engines:
seniors, travel, stock quotes, search by location, and more categories
Some other speciality search engines:
CEO Express and Internet Movie Database
Some search engines you may not know about:
Vivisimo, Wisenut, DMOZ, Northern Light, Ask Jeeves, DogPile, Federal Government Search and Teoma (I have to be more careful. I first had Teamo.com listed, not exactly the same kind of search as what we were talking about! Ooops!

9/27/01 Misc. discussion

Nimbda worm increasing traffic on servers
Domain Surfer allows you to see registered domains
Better WHOIS displays domain info from multiple registrars
Domain name 'generator' sites
AOL Graphic Compression
MIME types and response of browser
How MSIE determines the content-type of a document

8/22/01 PHP/SQL discussion

7/25/01 Web Builder's Meeting

6/27/01 Web Builder's Meeting
(partial list, as best I can remember)

Shopping Carts - 5/23/01 Web Builder's Meeting

eCommerce Hosts
Sites to help with payments
Some Quikstore sites
Calculating Forms
Where to get scripts

Data mining - 4/25/01 Web Builder's Meeting topic
Links mentioned at the 4/19/01 IUG meeting
Links mentioned at the 3/28/01 Web-builder's meeting

Misc Links

Meta tags
Robot.txt Information
Web statistics
Domain names
Web directories/seach engines
Press releases on-line
Announcement of new websites
Useful Links for Safe Web Use